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About Us

In the spring of 2009, Arch Audio Visual embarked on a focused mission: To develop an A/V production company that could not only survive the current economical climate, but thrive - all the while sustaining the level of service upon which our customers depend. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, the owners and management team went back to the drawing board and developed a growth plan which places emphasis on both streamlining our existing services (without sacrificing the integrity of our end product) and expanding our catalog of service to solidify our role as a regional leader in audio visual technology and service.


The challenge with this business model really came down to gaining efficiencies in production services and throughput without compromising the standard of performance to which our customers had grown accustom. Some solutions came easier than others, but one in particular we are quite proud of. We’ve developed a pre-determined meeting room [breakout room] package that is so conveniently self-contained and user-friendly that, what once was a two person task (from transportation to set-up and striking) is now easily managed by one person; resulting in dramatic cost savings of hundreds to potentially thousands of dollars depending on the event size. Again, not only have we reduced overhead and saved time, but these state-of-the-art packages consist of only the best in A/V equipment from known and trusted brands - ensuring quality performance without the cumbersome trappings of conventional breakout room clutter!


Arch Audio Visual is also committed to ‘Going Green’ in every conceivable aspect. By the use of LED lighting fixtures, Class D low-power consumption amplifiers, digital audio consoles and even CAT5 audio & video distribution; our demand on power resources is diminished and we even gain efficiencies in transportation with lighter weight systems. An added benefit to the low power consumption is that we rarely need power taps offered by the hotels and meeting spaces, again saving the client money in the long run as these can be very costly. 


Of course, all this attention to detail is designed to go unnoticed by the end-client - we work hard to make sure our A/V infrastructure is as invisible as possible, and all that stands out is a beautifully produced event. It’s the successful Meeting & Event Planner’s heads we hope to turn. Please take a minute to look around our website and we welcome the opportunity to showcase our commitment to exceptional service and illustrate the advantage of an audio visual professional who understands the importance of superior project management.

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